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Biệt Đội Tiêm Kích

Biệt Đội Tiêm Kích

R2B: Return to Base 2012Feb. 06, 2023Đang cập nhật
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Tóm tắt

Xem phim Biệt Đội Tiêm Kích - R2B: Return to Base 2012

Biệt Đội Tiêm Kích – Soar Into the Sun (2012) is a film about Tae Hun (played by Bi Rain). After causing chaos and trouble at an annual air show, he is transferred to the fighter squadron known as Air Force Fighter Squadron 21.

Following a daring mission at an air show, Korean Air Force pilot Tae-hun is expelled from the elite Eagles flying team and reassigned to a combat unit, where he immediately clashes with his colleague Cheol-hui. He befriends other pilots in the unit and falls in love with the beautiful Se-young, who is in charge of maintenance, but his antics result in the unit being suspended from duty. When North Korean MIG fighter jets threaten, the group is called back into a fierce aerial battle that results in a comrade’s death and another going missing. Cheol-hui and Tae-hun join forces to rescue their missing friends and prevent a devastating war.

Here, Tae Hun reunites with his old school friend Yu-jin (played by Lee Ha Na) and the leader of the Black Eagle squadron – Dae Seo (played by Kim Sung Soo). Tae-hun gradually adapts to the new environment and his colleagues, but cannot avoid confrontations with the leader of the Eagle squadron – Cheol Hui (played by Yu Jun Sang), who is considered the top gun of Fighter Squadron 21.

To protect their honor, both Tae Hun and Cheol Hui engage in an aerial duel, and for the first time, Tae Hun experiences the taste of failure. He invites aircraft mechanic expert Se Yeong (played by Shin Se Kyung) to oversee and repair his jet to

Đạo diễn

Dong-won Kim

Diễn Viên

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